When My Love Blooms (2020)


Status: Complete
Drama: When My Love Blooms
Country: South Korea
Episodes: 16
Aired: Apr 25, 2020 - Jun 14, 2020
Aired On: Saturday, Sunday
Original Network: tvN
Content Rating: 15+ - Teens 15 or older
Available Subtitle: English
Genres: Romance, Drama, Melodrama


Twenty years ago, Yoon Ji Soo fell in love with a man who made her heart sing. As a freshman in the college of music, Ji Soo didn’t expect to catch the eye of Han Jae Hyun, a popular, headstrong law school student, but she did. Falling for him as quickly as he fell for her, the two experienced one of the most beautiful moments any two people can experience together: their first love. But like so many first loves, theirs wouldn’t last forever.
Now in her forties, Ji Soo is a single mother, working a contract job in a desperate attempt to make ends meet. Jae Hyun, on the other hand, is a successful, ambitious businessman who has pursued wealth and honor, above all else. Far different than the man he once was, Jae Hyun is hardly recognizable as the headstrong kid he used to be. But when fate brings Ji Soo back into his life, she recognizes him almost immediately.

Suddenly back in each other’s lives, Ji Soo and Jae Hyun have been granted a rare opportunity to start over. But can two people really separated by so many years and experiences, really reignite a flame that flickered out so many years ago?

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Main Cast

Yoo Ji Tae

Han Jae Hyun [Present]
Main Role

Lee Bo Young

Yoon Ji Soo [Present]
Main Role

Park Jin Young

Han Jae Hyun [20s]
Main Role

Jeon So Nee

Yoon Ji Soo [20s]
Main Role

Support Cast

Park Shi Yeon

Jang Seo Gyung [Han Jae Hyuns wife]
Support Role

Moon Sung Geun

Jang San [Jang Seo Gyungs father]
Support Role

Park Min Soo

Han Joon Seo [Han Jae Hyun & Jang Seo Gyungs son]
Support Role

Nam Myung Ryul

Han In Ho [Han Jae Hyuns father]
Support Role

Kang Young Seok

Gang Joon Woo [Han Jae Hyuns secretary]
Support Role

Kim Ho Chang

Jung Yoon Gi [Han Jae Hyuns co-worker]
Support Role

Kim Young Hoon

Lee Se Hoon [Yoon Ji Soos former husband]
Support Role

Jang Gwang

Yoon Hyung Goo [Yoon Ji Soos father]
Support Role

Go Woo Rim

Lee Young Min [Yoon Ji Soos son]
Support Role

Lee Jong Nam

Jung Sook Hee [Yoon Ji Soos mother]
Support Role

Chae Won Bin

Yoon Ji Young [Yoon Ji Soos younger sister]
Support Role

Kim Young Ah

Choi Sun Hee [Yoon Ji Soos co-worker]
Support Role

Min Sung Wook

Lee Dong Jin [Present]
Support Role

Eun Hae Sung

Lee Dong Jin [20s]
Support Role

Kim Joo Ryung

Sung Hwa Jin [Present]
Support Role

Han Ji Won

Sung Hwa Jin [20s]
Support Role

Woo Jeong Won

Yang Hye Jung [Present]
Support Role

Park Han Sol

Yang Hye Jung [20s]
Support Role

Lee Tae Sung

Joo Young Woo [Present]
Support Role

Lee Byung Hun

Joo Young Woo [20s]
Support Role

Choi Woo Hyuk

Se Hwi
Support Role

Joo Byung Ha

Support Role

Guest Cast

Son Sook

Lee Gyung Ja [Han Jae Hyuns mother]
Guest Role

Park Jung Eon

Guest Role