Vagabond (2019)


Status: Complete
Drama: Vagabond
Country: South Korea
Episodes: 16
Aired: Sep 20, 2019 - Nov 23, 2019
Aired On: Friday, Saturday
Original Network: SBS, Netflix, Netflix, Netflix, Netflix
Rating: 15+ - Teens 15 or older
Available Subtitle: English


Cha Dal Gun becomes an awakened tiger in the face of his nephew’s death in a mysterious plane crash. As an orphan himself, he had raised his nephew singlehandedly in place of his brother who had passed on. Triggered by the large-scale cover-up of the incident, he sets off on a journey to discover the truth.
Go Hae Ri is the eldest daughter of a marine who had died during an operation. She has always wanted to be a normal civil servant to support her family, but life had other plans and she ends up as a National Intelligence Service (NIS) agent.
Their lives intertwine as they discover a tangled web of corruption behind the plane crash.

Main Cast

Lee Seung Gi

Cha Dal Geon
Main Role

Bae Suzy

Go Hae Ri / Elsa
Main Role

Shin Sung Rok

Ki Tae Woong
Main Role

Support Cast

Kim Min Jong

Yoon Han Gi [Presidential Secretary for Civil Affairs]
Support Role

Moon Jung Hee

Jessica Lee [President of John & Mark Asia]
Support Role

Baek Yoon Shik

Jung Gook Pyo [President of South Korea]
Support Role

Lee Kyung Young

Edward Park | Park Gi Pyo [Dynamic Systems Corporation group D.K.P head]
Support Role

Moon Sung Geun

Hong Soon Jo [Prime Minister of the Republic of Korea]
Support Role

Ryu Won

Miki [Edward Parks aide]
Support Role

Hwang Bo Ra

Gong Hwa Sook [Staff of the seven countries of the NIS]
Support Role

Jang Hyuk Jin

Kim Woo Gi [Pilot]
Support Role

Kang Kyung Hun

Oh Sang Mi [Woo Gis wife]
Support Role

Kim Jung Hyun

Hong Seung Beom [Jessica Lees secretary]
Support Role

Jung Man Shik

Min Jae Shik [NIS Agent]
Support Role

Yoo Teo

Jerome / Park Su Chan [Mercenary Soldier]
Support Role

Kim Dae Gon

Support Role

Lee Gi Young

Kang Joo Cheol [Director of the NIS psychological intelligence bureau]
Support Role

Lee Shi Yoo

Seo Young Ji
Support Role

Park Ah In

Lily [Professional Killer]
Support Role

Choi Dae Chul

Kim Do Soo [leader of North Korean Professional Killers]
Support Role

Shin Seung Hwan

Kim Se Hoon [NIS Agent]
Support Role

Go Gyu Pil

Park Gwang Deok [Husband of the plane crash victim]
Support Role

Kim Jong Soo

An Gi Dong [NIS Director General]
Support Role

Kang Shin Chul

[NIS Agent]
Support Role

Choi Kwang Il

Park Man Yeong [Minister of National Defense]
Support Role

Sung Chan Ho

[Father of the plane crash victim]
Support Role

Guest Cast

Yoon Na Moo

Kim Ho Sik [Staff of the Korean Embassy in Morocco] (Ep.1-3)
Guest Role

Moon Woo Jin

Cha Hoon [Cha Dal Guns nephew / 11 Years Old] (Ep.1, 7, 9)
Guest Role

Bae Gi Beom

Choi Sang Bae (Ep.2-3, 11)
Guest Role

Jung Hyun Joon

Cha Hoon [Cha Dal Guns nephew / 6 Years Old] (Ep.1-2)
Guest Role

Hong Seo Joon

Lim Pil Gyu [Lieutenant General] (Ep.2-3, 11)
Guest Role

Lee Yoon Sang

Jang Dong Gyu [President of the Institute for Defense Analysis] (Ep.2-3, 11)
Guest Role

Jang Sung Bum

[Victim of Flight Crash](Ep.1)
Guest Role

Lee Hwang Ui

Kevin Kim [Doctor] (Ep.2-3)
Guest Role

Matthew Douma

[Hitman] (Ep.1)
Guest Role

Yoo Hyung Kwan

Oh Jae Gwan [Ambassador in Morocco] (Ep.1)
Guest Role

Park Jin Young

Mr. Oh [Assemblyman] (Ep.4, 10, 12)
Guest Role

Park Yong

Chief Han [NIS Chief] (Ep.7)
Guest Role

Son Kyung Won

Chief Park [NIS Chief] (Ep.6-7)
Guest Role

Seo Sang Won

Choi Jung Woon [Pilot] (Ep.1)
Guest Role

Yoo Tae Woong

Hwang Pil Young [Black Ops Team Leader] (Ep.9-10)
Guest Role

Kim Sun Young

[Restaurent Owner / Secret Agent] (Ep.9-11, 15)
Guest Role

Yoon Da Hoon

[Judge] (Ep.12-13)
Guest Role

Jung Myung Joon

[Surgeon] (Ep.13)
Guest Role

Jeon Se Hyun

[SBC reporter] (Ep.13-14)
Guest Role

Antonio Pedro Cerdeira

Michael Almeida [Vice President of John & Mark Asia]
Guest Role