Tower of Babel (2019)


Status: Complete
Drama: Tower of Babel
Country: South Korea
Episodes: 16
Aired: Jan 27, 2019 - Mar 24, 2019
Aired On: Saturday, Sunday
Original Network: TV Chosun, Viki
Rating: 18+ Restricted (violence & profanity)
Available Subtitle: English


Cha Woo Hyuk is a prosecutor who started out as a newspaper reporter, whose personality is described as fiery and hot-tempered. He grew up in a comfortable life, but one day his family is shattered when his father dies in an accident whose cause is unclear, and his mother takes her own life. When he finds out that his father’s bankruptcy and death are connected to a conglomerate, he begins his mission to uncover the truth and get revenge.

Cha Woo Hyuk meets married actress Han Jung Won, but he falls in love with her. Han Jung Won's husband is the son of a chaebol family. Cha Woo Hyuk then faces Han Jung Won as a prosecutor. She is the suspect in the murder of her husband.

Main Cast

Park Shi Hoo

Cha Woo Hyuk
Main Role

Jang Hee Jin

Han Jung Won
Main Role

Support Cast

Kim Ji Hoon

Tae Min Ho [Geosan ElectricsPresident]
Support Role

Jang Shin Young

Tae Yoo Ra [Min Hos sister]
Support Role

Kim Hae Sook

Shin Hyun Sook [Soo Hos mother]
Support Role

Kim Jong Goo

Chairman Tae Byung Chul [Yoo Ras Father]
Support Role

Song Jae Hee

Tae Soo Ho [Min Hos brother]
Support Role

Im Jung Eun

Na Young Eun [Soo Hos wife]
Support Role

Park Joo Hyung

Go Jae Il [Reporter]
Support Role

Ha Shi Eun

Hong Mi Seon [Jung Wons friend]
Support Role

Lee Seung Hyung

Direction Shin [Hyun Sooks cousin]
Support Role

Song Won Geun

Team leader Woo
Support Role

Yoon Bong Gil

Detective Lee
Support Role

Lee Jae Gu

Support Role

Yoon Jin Ho

Jang Bae Yoon
Support Role

Kim Joon Won

Section Chief Oh
Support Role

Yoon Soo

Won Hee
Support Role

Kyung Sung Hwan

Lawyer Kwon Byeon
Support Role

Ri Min

Coroner Kook Gwa Soo
Support Role

Kim Jin Ho

Chief prosecutor
Support Role

Kim Jae Woon

[contract Shadow Killer]
Support Role

Yoon Gi Won

Ko Sang Mu
Support Role

Guest Cast

Seo Kwang Jae

[Judge in charge of Min Hos case]
Guest Role

Kim Dae Kook

[Ministry of Land, Transport and Maritime Affairs inspector]
Guest Role

Seo Eun Yool

Tae Min Ho (young)
Guest Role

Kim Jung Chul

Tae Soo Ho (young)
Guest Role

Chae Min Seo

[Wife of helicopter pilot Captain]
Guest Role

Kim Joo Ryung

Kim Myung Shin [Rickys ex-wife]
Guest Role

Im Jae Geun

[Jung Wons doctor]
Guest Role

Shin Jae Yi

Guest Role