The Closet (2020)


Status: Complete
Movie: The Closet
Country: South Korea
Content Rating: 15+ - Teens 15 or older
Available Subtitle: English


After losing his wife in a traffic accident, Architect Sang Won and his daughter, Yi Na, move to a new house attempting to restore their estranged relationship and mentally heal. As soon as they arrive, Yi Na, who hardly spoke to her father, suddenly becomes cheerful, saying that she got a new friend and starts acting abnormally. Not long after that, Yi Na mysteriously disappears from the house and after a month of searching, people start suspecting that Sang Won might have killed her. After seeing their story on TV, a mysterious man called Kyung Hoon approaches Sang Won, telling him that Yi Na is not the first one to disappear, and that he has been investigating the disappearance of 32 other children that went missing under the same circumstances for the last 10 years. Sang Won and Kyung Hoon then join forces to find Yi Na and solve the mystery of the missing children.
(Source: MyDramaList)

Main Cast

Ha Jung Woo

Sang Won
Main Role

Kim Nam Gil

Kyung Hoon
Main Role

Heo Yool

Yi Na
Main Role

Kim Shi Ah

Myung Jin
Main Role

Support Cast

Shin Hyun Bin

Seung Hee
Support Role

Kim Soo Jin

[Myung Jins mother]
Support Role

Park Sung Woong

[Myung Jins father]
Support Role

Kang Shin Chul

Do Hyun
Support Role

Kim Jung Chul

Young Kyung Hoon
Support Role

Park Ji Ah

Support Role

Im Hyun Sung

Support Role

Kwak Ja Hyung

[Broadcasting PD]
Support Role

Lee Do Guk

Support Role