Sunny (2011)


Status: Complete
Movie: Sunny
Country: South Korea
Content Rating: 15+ - Teens 15 or older
Available Subtitle: English


Na Mi fondly recalls her childhood pal Chun Hwa, who befriended her as the ostracized, new girl in school, welcoming her into a clique nicknamed “Sunny.” Together, they survive tumultuous ’80s Seoul and vow to remain together forever.
Now a housewife with an ungrateful teenage daughter and trapped in a stale marriage to a wealthy but unaffectionate husband, Na Mi long ago lost touch with the six girls from whom she was once inseparable, torn apart by circumstance.
But one day while visiting her mother at the hospital she encounters Chun Hwa, who is now terminally ill. As the two renew their relationship and reminisce, Chun Hwa implores Na Mi to bring the scattered group together one last time.
Featuring an ’80s pop hits soundtrack, this heartwarming film will alternately make you laugh and cry as these long-lost friends discover they can still change one another’s lives…
(Source: CJ Entertainment)

Main Cast

Shim Eun Kyung

Im Na Mi [Teen]
Main Role

Kang So Ra

Ha Chun Hwa [Teen]
Main Role

Kim Min Young

Kim Jang Mi [Teen]
Main Role

Park Jin Joo

Hwang Jin Hee [Teen]
Main Role

Min Hyo Rin

Young Su Ji [Teen]
Main Role

Nam Bo Ra

Seo Geum Ok [Teen]
Main Role

Kim Bo Mi

Ryu Bok Hee [Teen]
Main Role

Yoo Ho Jung

Im Na Mi
Main Role

Jin Hee Kyung

Ha Chun Hwa
Main Role

Go Soo Hee

Kim Jang Mi
Main Role

Hong Jin Hee

Hwang Jin Hee
Main Role

Support Cast

Lee Yeon Kyung

Seo Geum Ok
Support Role

Kim Sun Kyung

Ryu Bok Hee
Support Role

Kim Shi Hoo

Han Joon Ho [Teen]
Support Role

Kim Young Ok

[Na Mis grandmother]
Support Role

Kim Hye Ok

[Na Mis mother]
Support Role

Jung Won Joong

[Na Mis father]
Support Role

So Hee Jung

[Homeroom teacher]
Support Role

Kim Won Hae

Support Role

Chun Woo Hee

Sang Mi
Support Role

Kim Ye Won

[Leader of band Girls Generation]
Support Role

Baek Jong Hak

[Na Mis husband]
Support Role

Ha Seung Ri

Ye Bin [Na Mis daughter]
Support Role

Lee Kyung Young

Han Joon Ho
Support Role

Lee Joon Hyuk

[President of Private detective office]
Support Role

Yoon Jung

Su Ji
Support Role

Han Seung Hyun

[Jung Mis older brother]
Support Role

Park Young Seo

Jong Ki [Na Mis older brother - Teen]
Support Role

Yang Hee Kyung

[Jang Mis mother]
Support Role

Joo Jin Mo

Sung Chan
Support Role

Park Hee Jung

Young Jin
Support Role

Go Joon

Support Role

Guest Cast

Jung Suk Yong

Jong Ki [Na Mis current older brother]
Guest Role

Kwon Eun Soo

[School broadcasting club DJ] (past)
Guest Role