Stranger 2 (2020)


Status: On-going
Drama: Stranger 2
Country: South Korea
Episodes: 16
Aired: Aug 15, 2020 - Oct 4, 2020
Aired On: Saturday, Sunday
Original Network: tvN, Netflix, Netflix, Netflix, Netflix
Content Rating: 15+ - Teens 15 or older
Available Subtitle: English


The prosecutor's office and the police find themselves on opposing sides. The prosecutors, including elite prosecutor Woo Tae Ha, want discretionary power over investigations. Meanwhile, the police, including Choi Bit, tries to get complete investigative authority that is independent of the prosecutor's office.
Under this tense situation, Prosecutor Hwang Shi Mok and Detective Han Yeo Jin chase after the truth in a hidden case.
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Main Cast

Jo Seung Woo

Hwang Shi Mok
Main Role

Bae Doo Na

Han Yeo Jin
Main Role

Lee Joon Hyuk

Seo Dong Jae
Main Role

Yoon Se Ah

Lee Yeon Jae
Main Role

Jeon Hye Jin

Choi Bit
Main Role

Choi Moo Sung

Woo Tae Ha
Main Role

Support Cast

Kim Young Jae

Kim Sa Hyun [Prosecutor]
Support Role

Park Sung Geun

Kang Won Cheol [Chief prosecutor]
Support Role

Park Ji Yun

Jung Min Ha [Prosecutor]
Support Role

Lee Hae Young

Shin Jae Yong [Police]
Support Role

Jung Sung Il

Director Park [Hanzo Group]
Support Role

Kim Hak Seon

Oh Joo Sun [Hanzo Group]
Support Role

Jeon Bae Soo

Choi Yoon Soo [Detective squad chief]
Support Role

Choi Jae Woong

Jang Geon [Detective]
Support Role

Yoon Jong In

Seo Sang Won [Detective]
Support Role

Song Ji Ho

Park Soon Chang [Detective]
Support Role

Hong Seo Joon

[Assistant prosecutor general]
Support Role

Yu Seung Il

Heo Yoon Hwan
Support Role

Kim Bum Soo

Kim Soo Hang
Support Role

Lee Ga Sub

Song Ki Hyun
Support Role

Park Sung Il

Lee Dae Sung
Support Role

Lee Hyun Kyun

Support Role

Jang Yool

Support Role

Park Mi Hyun

Support Role

Seo Jin Won

Support Role

Guest Cast

Yoo In Soo

Seung Jun (Ep.1)
Guest Role

Baek Seung Chul

[Police officer] (Ep.1)
Guest Role

Kang Shin Hyo

Lee Yong Ho (Ep.1-2)
Guest Role

Yoo Yong

[Hotel Gym Staff] (Ep.1)
Guest Role

Jin So Yeon

[Lee Yong Hos girlfriend] (Ep.1-2)
Guest Role

Kim Dong Hwi

Kim Hu Jeong (Ep.1-2)
Guest Role

Na Do Yool

Won Il (Ep.1)
Guest Role

Lee Do Hyun

[Seung Juns father] (Ep.2)
Guest Role

Ha Sung Kwang

Lee Myung Han [Director] (Ep.2)
Guest Role