River Where the Moon Rises (2021)


Status: On-going
Drama: River Where the Moon Rises
Country: South Korea
Episodes: 20
Aired: Feb 15, 2021 - Apr 20, 2021
Aired On: Monday, Tuesday
Original Network: KBS2, ViuTV, Viki
Content Rating: 15+ - Teens 15 or older
Available Subtitle: English


Born a princess and raised a soldier, Pyeong Gang is a woman with big dreams and limitless ambition. Determined to become the first Empress of Goguryeo, Pyeong Gang will stop at nothing to make her dream come true. Clever and level-headed, Pyeong Gang is well aware of the obstacles that stand in her way, but she’s more than capable of taking them on. However, things take an unexpected turn, the day she meets On Dal, a peace-loving man, whose sole goal in life is to live in harmony with those around him.

On Dal is the exact opposite of the ambitious princess. He is a oasis of calm amid the turbulent storms in Pyeong Gang’s life. The warrior princess soon finds herself falling for gentle On Dal. He's equally in love with the princess, whose heart he now possesses. He finds himself forsaking his principles in order to keep her safe, an endeavor proving to be increasingly difficult, as warring factions lethally vie for the throne.
Forced to match both wits and strength against some of the most powerful people in Goguryeo, Pyeong Gang’s quest for power could very well cost her everything. Does she have what it takes to realize her goals, or will the price prove to be too much to pay?

(Source: Viki)

Main Cast

Kim So Hyun

Pyeong Gang / Yeom Ga Jin / Queen Yeon
Main Role

Kim Ji Soo

On Dal
Main Role

Lee Ji Hoon

Go Geon
Main Role

Choi Yoo Hwa

Hae Mo Yong
Main Role

Support Cast

Kim Bup Rae

King Pyeong Won [Pyeong Gangs father / King of Goguryeo]
Support Role

Cha Kwang Soo

Jin Beom
Support Role

Kim Jung Young

Gong Son [Pyeong Gangs nanny]
Support Role

Son Woo Hyeok

Tae Gam [Chief eunuch]
Support Role

Ahn Shin Woo

Kim Pyeong Ji [King Pyeong Wons friend]
Support Role

Wang Bit Na

Jin Bi
Support Role

Ki Eun Se

Hyun Bi [King Pyeong Wons concubine]
Support Role

Park Sang Hoon

Go Won
Support Role

Hwang Young Hee

Madame Sa [On Dals wife]
Support Role

Jung Wook

Sa Woon Am [Elder of the Sonobu]
Support Role

Kim Dong Young

Sa Poong Gae [On Dals friend]
Support Role

Oh Ah Rin

Wol Yi [Refugee]
Support Role

Lee Sang Chan

Suk Goo
Support Role

Won Woo

Pil Goo
Support Role

Yoon Ah Jung

Hong Mae
Support Role

Lee Hae Young

Go Won Pyo [Politician who seeks the throne]
Support Role

Yoon Joo Man

Go Sang Cheol [Won Pyos right hand man]
Support Role

Jung In Kyum

Hae Ji Wol [Sono Tribe]
Support Role

Han Jae Young

Doo Joong Seo [Shaman]
Support Role

Ryu Eui Hyun

Tara San [Tara Jins twin brother & Ga Jins best friend]
Support Role

Kim Hee Jung

Tara Jin [Tara Sans twin sister]
Support Role

Moon Jin Seung

Ma Tae Mo [Member of the Chunjubang]
Support Role

Jung Eun Pyo

Yeom Deuk [Ga Jins father]
Support Role

Guest Cast

Kang Ha Neul

On Hyub [On Dals father] (Ep. 1)
Guest Role

Heo Jung Eun

Pyeong Gang [Young] (Ep. 1)
Guest Role

Seo Dong Hyun

On Dal [Young] (Ep. 1)
Guest Role

Park Min Sang

Go Geon [Young]
Guest Role

Jasper Cho

Wol Gwang
Guest Role