Kim Jung Young

First Name: Jung Young
Family Name: Kim
Native name: 김정영
Also Known as: Kim Jung Yung; Ki Jeong Yeong;
Nationality: South Korean
Gender: Female
Born: July 27, 1972
Age: 49

Jung Young is the wife of the actor Kim Hak Seon.

Movies / TV Shows

River Where the Moon Rises (2021)

As Gong Son [Pyeong Gangs nanny]
Support Role

The Game: Towards Zero (2020)

As [Joon Youngs mother / Dong Chuls wife] (Ep.7)
Guest Role

The King: Eternal Monarch (2020)

As (Ep.1)
Guest Role

Born Again (2020)

Support Role

CHIP-IN (2020)

As Ji Seol Yeong
Support Role

Do You Like Brahms? (2020)

As [Joon Youngs mother]
Support Role

Hotel Lake (2020)

As [Deputy director of child shelter]
Guest Role

Catch the Ghost (2019)

As Choi Kyung Hee
Support Role

Black Dog (2019)

As Moon So Nyeo [Ha Neuls mother]
Support Role

One Spring Night (2019)

As Ko Sook Hee [Ji Hos mother]
Support Role