Nobody Knows (2020)


Status: Complete
Drama: Nobody Knows
Country: South Korea
Episodes: 16
Aired: Mar 2, 2020 - Apr 21, 2020
Aired On: Monday, Tuesday
Original Network: SBS
Content Rating: 15+ - Teens 15 or older
Available Subtitle: English


Detective Young Jin, from the regional investigation unit, has only one thing on her mind: to catch the 'Stigmata' serial killer that murdered her friend 19 years ago. She carries guilt and trauma over the event. She has no friends and lives alone. Her downstair neighbor’s son, Eun Ho, has built a relationship with her ever since she moved above their apartment. He does menial house chores for her. One day he opens the door of the room he wasn't supposed to.
Sun Woo, the former chairman's son and the current chairman's brother-in-law, is Eun Ho's homeroom teacher. He feels something is wrong with Eun Ho.

Main Cast

Kim Seo Hyung

Cha Young Jin
Main Role

Ryu Deok Hwan

Lee Sun Woo
Main Role

Park Hoon

Baek Sang Ho
Main Role

Ahn Ji Ho

Go Eun Ho
Main Role

Support Cast

Jang Young Nam

Jung So Yun [Eun Ho’s mother]
Support Role

Yoon Chan Young

Ju Dong Myung [Shinsung Middle School]
Support Role

Jo Han Chul

Yoon Hee Sub [Chairman of Shinsung Middle School]
Support Role

Yoon Jae Yong

Ha Min Sung [Shinsung Middle School]
Support Role

Min Jin Woong

Lee Jae Hong [Seoul police department / Detective]
Support Role


Yoon Ja Young [Seoul police department]
Support Role

Shin Jae Hwi

Oh Du Suk [Manager of Millennium Hotel]
Support Role

Tae Won Seok

Ko Hee Dong [Head Security of Millennium Hotel]
Support Role

Park Min Jung

Bae Sun Ah [Manager of Millennium Hotel]
Support Role

Seo Young Joo

Kim Tae Hyung [Eun Hos caretaker]
Support Role

Jeon Seok Chan

Kim Byung Hee [Seoul police department / Detective]
Support Role

Baek Soo Jang

Park Jin Su [Seoul police department / Detective]
Support Role

Moon Sung Geun

Hwang In Bum [Seoul police department]
Support Role

Park Chul Min

Han Geun Man [Seoul police department / Chief Detective]
Support Role

Lee Chae Eun

Hong Eun Joo [Seoul police department]
Support Role

Kwon Hae Hyo

Jang Gi Ho [New Life Church]
Support Role

Yoo Soon Woong

Mr. Yoon [Church Staff]
Support Role

Han Soo Hyun

Kim Chang Soo [So Yuns boyfriend]
Support Role

Ahn Mi Na

Lee Sun Kyung [Sun Woos older sister]
Support Role

Ok Ye Rin

Yoon Ji Won [Hee Sub & Sun Kyungs daughter]
Support Role

Lee Joo Young

[Ha Min Sungs mother]
Support Role

Guest Cast

Lee Seung Yeon

[Joo Han Sols aunt] (Ep.5)
Guest Role

Jang Jae Ho

Choi Dae Hoon [Ha Min Sungs chauffeur] (Ep.1-3, 6, 8)
Guest Role

Min Sung Wook

Kevin Jung [CEO] (Ep.6-7)
Guest Role

Jo Sun Mook

[Secretary General of New Life Church] (Ep.1-2, 5, 7)
Guest Role

Kang Shin Il

Seo Sang Won [Pastor / Culprit of Stigmata Serial Murder] (Ep.1-2, 5-6, 11)
Guest Role

Baek Hyun Joo

Im Hee Jung [Stigmatas victim](Ep.1-2, 7)
Guest Role

Jeon Moo Song

Kwon Jae Cheon (Ep.12)
Guest Role

Seo Yi Sook

[Soo Jungs mother] (Ep.1,2,16)
Guest Role

Kim Sae Ron

Cha Young Jin [Young] (Ep.1-3, 13)
Guest Role

Kim Shi Eun

Choi Soo Jung [Young Jins best friend] (Ep.1-2)
Guest Role

Kim Joon Eui

Go Eun Ho [Young] (Ep.1-2)
Guest Role

Kim Nak Kyun

Guest Role

Park Jung Eon

[Pediatric ward mother](Ep.9)
Guest Role

Im Jae Geun

[Forensic Scientist] (Ep.4)
Guest Role

Ham Sung Min

[Lee Young Shiks friend] (Ep.6)
Guest Role

Jang Eui Don

Choi Man Ki [Detective] (Ep.4)
Guest Role

Ryu Sung Rok

Lee Young Shik (Ep.6)
Guest Role

Jung Ji Hoon

Baek Sang Ho [Child] (Ep.6, 11)
Guest Role

Baek Jae Woo

Baek Sang Ho [Young] (Ep.13)
Guest Role

Seo Kwang Jae

[Orphanage director] (Ep.13)
Guest Role

Park Jin Young

Kang In Jik (Ep.13-14)
Guest Role

Shin Mi Young

[Yoo Pan Sools neighbor] (Ep.14)
Guest Role

Jung Seung Kil

[Principle of Shinsung Middle School] (Ep.3, 9)
Guest Role

Choi Go

Joo Han Sol (Ep.5-6, 9, 11)
Guest Role

Sung Hyun Mi

[Restaurant Owner] (Ep.10)
Guest Role

Seo Joon Hyung

Jae Min
Guest Role