My Bossy Girl (2019)


Status: Complete
Movie: My Bossy Girl
Country: South Korea
Content Rating: 13+ - Teens 13 or older
Available Subtitle: English


It's a university festival day, where anybody can meet someone new. There are three men in the robot club, self-claimed Smart Avengers of the Engineering College. At this time, a straightforward girl, Hye Jin comes crashing into the timid boy, Hwi So's life. A great friendship develops between the two and together with their friends, they work through their individual challenges and solve an engineer's biggest question: Does technology really solve all a person's problems?

Main Cast

Lee Elijah

Hye Jin
Main Role

Ji Il Joo

Hwi So
Main Role

Support Cast

Heo Jung Min

Gil Yong Tae
Support Role

Kim Ki Doo

Chang Gil
Support Role

Lee Jin Yi

Ha Na
Support Role

Ryu Hye Rin

Eun Jung
Support Role

Go Geon Han

Young Chul
Support Role

Jung Ye Jin

Hye Gyung
Support Role

Guest Cast

Seo Kwang Jae

[Hwi Sos father]
Guest Role

Seo Jung Yeon

[Hye Jins mother]
Guest Role

Lee Han Wi

[Hye Jins father]
Guest Role

Jo Hyun Shik

Guest Role