More Than Friends (2020)


Status: On-going
Drama: More Than Friends
Country: South Korea
Episodes: 16
Aired: Sep 25, 2020 - Nov 14, 2020
Aired On: Friday, Saturday
Original Network: jTBC
Content Rating: 15+ - Teens 15 or older
Available Subtitle: English
Genres: Comedy, Romance, Youth, Drama


Ten years ago, Kyung Woo Yeon was as innocent and carefree as any eighteen year old might be. With dreams and ambitions and a heart ready to love, it was only a matter of time before she fell for someone. And fall she did; for her friend, Lee Soo. Unable to hold her feelings in her heart, she confesses to him before he leaves and gets friend-zoned.

Seven years later, she tries her luck again only to be rejected again. She is determined to get over what she considers this curse of not being able to experience love. One lonely day in Jeju, she declares confidently that she no longer likes him and decided to leave him. He too leaves Korea having a heavy pang in his heart.

She had tried every trick to get over this curse that she had, having almost 12 ex-boyfriends. Till one day, when she finds a guy, Joon Soo who offers to be her test man and help her determine whether the fault lies in her or the men she has dated. 3 years later, he comes back to find her with another man, and this time he hopes to face his feelings and not let his past overshadow him.

(Source: jTBC)

Main Cast

Ong Seong Wu

Lee Soo
Main Role

Shin Ye Eun

Kyung Woo Yeon
Main Role

Kim Dong Jun

Ohn Joon Soo
Main Role

Pyo Ji Hoon

Jin Sang Hyuk
Main Role

Baek Soo Min

Han Jin Joo
Main Role

Choi Chan Ho

Shin Hyun Jae
Main Role

Ahn Eun Jin

Kim Young Hee
Main Role

Support Cast

Jo Ryeon

Park Mi Sook [Woo Yeons mother]
Support Role

Kim Hee Jung

Choi Won Jung [Lee Soos mother]
Support Role

Oh Hee Joon

Min Sang Shik
Support Role

Jung Mi Hyung

Min Ah
Support Role

Baek Seo Yi

Ji Hyun
Support Role

Kang Yoon Je

Support Role

Shin Eun Soo

Support Role