Money Game (2020)


Status: Complete
Drama: Money Game
Country: South Korea
Episodes: 16
Aired: Jan 15, 2020 - Mar 5, 2020
Aired On: Wednesday, Thursday
Original Network: tvN
Content Rating: 15+ - Teens 15 or older
Available Subtitle: English


Twenty years after the IMF's outbreak, the drama depicts the conflict between the head of the Financial Policy Bureau seeking to dispose of the Jungin Bank, which is on the verge of going bankrupt with a third of the government's shares, and the Chairman of Finance, who plans to hand over the bank to the Bahamas, a private equity fund on Wall Street.

Chae Yi Heon, an economic government official who hides the fact that he’s from a wealthy family in order to be acknowledged for his own abilities.
Heo Jae, an ambitious chairman who will do anything it takes to reach his goals, while Lee Hye Jun, a young woman who’s new to the workforce, but has passion and morality.
(Source: Soompi, HanCinema)

Main Cast

Go Soo

Chae Yi Hun
Main Role

Lee Sung Min

Heo Jae
Main Role

Shim Eun Kyung

Lee Hye Joon
Main Role

Support Cast

Teo Yoo

Eugene Han [Branch manager of Bahama New York]
Support Role

Choi Deok Moon

Gook Kyung Min [Director General of Financial Policy]
Support Role

Choi Woong

Han Sang Min [Level 5 Civil Servant of the International Finance Bureau]
Support Role

Choi Byung Mo

Na Joon Pyo [Director General for International Finance Bureau]
Support Role

Jo Jae Ryong

Jo Hee Bong [Chief at International Finance Bureau]
Support Role

Oh Ryoong

Park Soo Jong [Level 5 Civil Servant of the International Finance Bureau]
Support Role

Amy Aleha

Shannon Lucio [Head of Korea Investment Mangement at Bahama / Branch Manger of Bahama Korea]
Support Role

Bang Eun Hee

Lee Man Ok [Hye Joons aunt]
Support Role

Kim Jung Seok

Jin Soo Ho [Hye Joons uncle / Man Oks husband]
Support Role

Mi Ram

Jin Ma Ri [Reporter / Hye Joons cousin]
Support Role

Song Jae Ryong

Kang Nam Jin [Mechanic]
Support Role

Kim Seung Wook

Kang Won Hee [President of Jungin Bank]
Support Role

Jung Dong Hwan

Chae Byung Hak [Yi Huns father / Former chairman of SNU economics department]
Support Role

Guest Cast

Im Chul Hyung

Shin Sung Chul [Assemblyman] (Ep. 1)
Guest Role

Bae Gi Beom

[Assemblyman] (Ep. 1)
Guest Role

Kim Se Dong

[Deputy Prime Minister] (Ep.1)
Guest Role

Jung Myung Joon

Kyung Il Goo [Branch Manager] (Ep.1)
Guest Role

Kim Jong Goo

Lee Jin Suk [President of Jaeyoung Bank] (Ep.1)
Guest Role

Choi Kwang Il

Choi Gwang Min [Chief of FSCs Audit and Inspection office] (Ep.3)
Guest Role

Park Yong

(Ep. 3)
Guest Role

Lee Hwang Ui

Sung Jin [Blue House Chief Economic Officer](Ep.4)
Guest Role

Park Young Soo

(Ep. 4, 8, 10)
Guest Role

Jeon Moo Song

Elder Kwak
Guest Role

Kim Ik Tae

[Head of disciplinary committee] (Ep. 4-6)
Guest Role

Yoo Seung Mok

Seo Wang Yeo (Ep.5)
Guest Role

Kim Sung Gang

[Chinese investor]
Guest Role

Park Ji Il

Kim Ho Joong [Minister of Economy & Finance] (Ep.6-7)
Guest Role

Son Jong Hak

Bae Jin Seo [Assemblyman] (Ep.9-11)
Guest Role

Kwon Hyuk Soo

[Speaker of The National Assembly]
Guest Role

Jung Dong Gyu

Kim Ji Geun [Assemblyman] (Ep.11)
Guest Role

Park Geon Rak

Guest Role

Kim Tae Gyum

[Chairman] (Ep.14)
Guest Role

Lee Yoon Sang

[Chief Prosecutor] (Ep.13)
Guest Role

Park Jin Young

Heo Hyeong [Managing Partner of Mijin Accounting Firm] (Ep.15)
Guest Role

Kim Chang Wan

Kim Man Young [Managing Partner of Young & Soo] (Ep.15)
Guest Role

Jang Tae Min

[Prosecutor] (Ep.15-16)
Guest Role

Jung Jae Sung

[New Director General for International Finance Bureau] (Ep.16)
Guest Role

Seo Myung Chan

Guest Role