Marionette (2017)


Status: Complete
Movie: Marionette
Country: South Korea
Content Rating: 18+ Restricted (violence & profanity)
Available Subtitle: English


A horrible date rape case shocks the whole country. High school girl Min Ah is raped by a group of boys while her boyfriend is recording the rape scene. The file is spread online being called “Marionette video”, media swarms like bees for this tabloidy topic. Min Ah becomes a victim of not only a sexual crime but also a violent media pursuit.
Grown-up victim now lives as Seo Rin, a high school teacher after changing her everything. No one knows what she has gone through in the past. She tries to move forward, but a similar case haunts her again. She receives suspicious pictures of her on the phone. The sender claims it is her ‘Master’, and she should obey him otherwise she’ll experience the same nightmare she had before

Main Cast

Kim Hee Won

Oh Gook Cheol
Main Role

Lee Yoo Young

Han Seo Rin
Main Role

Support Cast

Lee Hak Joo

Kim Dong Jin
Support Role

Oh Ha Nee

Yang Se Jeong
Support Role

Son Kang Gook

Choi Kyu Dong
Support Role

Lee Je Yeon

Kim Jin Ho
Support Role

Kim Da Mi

Yoo Min Ah
Support Role

Moon Jung Soo

Support Role

Kang Seung Wan

Detective Jang
Support Role

Park Gun Ah

Support Role

Kang Jae Sub

Woo Hyeok
Support Role

Lee Hong Nae

[Se Jeongs friend]
Support Role

Jang Hyuk Jin

Jo Yeong Jae
Support Role

Go Gyu Pil

Detective Moon
Support Role

Kim Young Sun

Han Soon Jeong
Support Role

Guest Cast

Jang Yun Sil

[Min Ah Homeroom Teacher]
Guest Role

Han Tae Yang

Guest Role