Il Mare (2000)


Status: Complete
Movie: Il Mare
Country: South Korea
Content Rating: 13+ - Teens 13 or older
Available Subtitle: English
Genres: Romance, Sci-Fi, Fantasy


Sung Hyun, who just moved into 'Il mare' receives a strange letter. The letter is from a young woman in the year 1999, two years from the present. Her predictions about the past are amazingly accurate. Her warning about a flurry of snow on a certain day in January of 1998 and the ensuing flu virus turns out to be true.

Eun Joo is convinced that her letter has travelled back in time to December of 1997 and starts writing regularly to her newfound pen pal. A professional voice actor, Eun Joo asks Sung Hyun to find her long-lost cassette recorder at a train station. Sung Hyun goes to the train station and gets a glimpse of Eun Joo, who of course, has no idea who he is.

Main Cast

Jun Ji Hyun

Kim Eun Ju
Main Role

Lee Jung Jae

Han Sung Hyun
Main Role

Support Cast

Ahn Yeo Jin

Support Role

Jo Seung Yeon

Jae Hyuk
Support Role

Kim Moo Saeng

Professor Han
Support Role

Lee In Chul

[Real estate agency middle-aged man]
Support Role