Cheat On Me, If You Can (2020)


Status: Complete
Drama: Cheat On Me, If You Can
Country: South Korea
Episodes: 32
Aired: Dec 2, 2020 - Jan 28, 2021
Aired On: Wednesday, Thursday
Original Network: KBS2
Content Rating: 15+ - Teens 15 or older
Available Subtitle: English


For her work, best-selling crime author Yeo Joo researches how to make a murder look like an accidental death. Next to her is her younger husband, Woo Sung, who is a family man and works as a divorce lawyer. Woo Sung still thinks he's a sexy, attractive partner, and lives on with his wonderful marriage life. However, lately, Yeo Joo, who would rather be a widow than a divorcee, starts finding some of his behavior suspicious. Could he be cheating on her? Could Woo Sung possibly be enjoying a thrilling affair behind her back? Yeo Joo tells it straight: If he cheats, he will die.

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Main Cast

Cho Yeo Jung

Kang Yeo Joo
Main Role

Go Joon

Han Woo Sung
Main Role


Go Mi Rae
Main Role

Kim Young Dae

Cha Soo Ho
Main Role

Support Cast

Song Ok Sook

Yeom Jin Ok [Housekeeper]
Support Role

Jung Sang Hoon

Son Jin Ho [Woo Sungs friend]
Support Role

Lee Se Na

Min Yoon Hee [Jin Hos wife]
Support Role

Kim Ji Hoon

Son Dong Ho [Jin Hos son]
Support Role

Hong Soo Hyun

Baek Soo Jung [Broadcasting station]
Support Role

Gong Sang Ah

Oh Hyun Jung [Broadcasting station]
Support Role

Yoo Joon Hong

Kim Duk Ki [Broadcasting station]
Support Role

Lee Si Eon

Jang Seung Cheol [Veteran homicide detective]
Support Role

Kim Ye Won

Ahn Se Jin [Homicide detective / Seung Cheols partner]
Support Role

Lee Tae Hyung

Hong Sung Wan [Homicide detective]
Support Role

Kim Soo Jin

Yang Jin Sun [Diovil Publishing Company head]
Support Role

Na Young Hee

[Woo Sungs mother]
Support Role

Oh Min Suk

Ma Dong Kyun [NIS director]
Support Role

Kim Do Hyun

Nam Ki Ryong [Consultant]
Support Role

Han Soo Yeon

Park Hye Kyung [Lawyer]
Support Role

Kim Jung Seok

Bae Jung Shik [Manager]
Support Role

Bae Noo Ri

Uhm Ji Eun
Support Role

Song Seung Ha

Na Yoo Ri
Support Role